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March 29, 2013
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"Marshall! look at that game!" Fionna said excitedly as they walked through the Candy Kingdom festival together. Fionna decided against her booth this year, so she could help Cake with hers every now and then. Cake had been selling baby clothes this time around, with her little kittens as models of her fine works. "I wanna play that one!"

"Alright." Marshall said, as they walked over to the game where they had to throw a ball at some bottles, to knock them over. They both payed for a couple of rounds, and began knocking them all down. "You ready for tonight..?" He asked, looking over at Fionna. It was the second last day of the Candy festival, and her 17th birthday was tomorrow.

"Yeah I am!" Fionna said excitedly as she knocked down more bottles, and won the giant stuffed rabbit from the vendor. "I've got an outfit again."

"heh, you don't have to wear an outfit." Marshall told her, as he knocked over another stack of bottles, and won a giant bat plush.

"But I want too." she said happily, and she hugged her giant rabbit.

"Hmm, well it's good with me." Marshall told her, and they two of them left the vendor, each carrying their plush. Marshall adjusted his sun hat, and looked over at her. "It's gunna be an important concert."

"Well yeah, it's the last one this week!" Fionna said excitedly, and Marshall just chuckled, and nodded his head.

"Yeah it is." He said, and they looked over at the booth that Simone and Gumball were running together.

"... I wanna dunk the prince." Marshall said, as he walked up. The former Ice Queen's booth. Simone had made a giant ice dunk tank, filled with cold water, and Gumball was sitting on the dunk trigger, wearing a swim suit.

"You dunked me 8 times the other day!" Gumball said, sighing as the couple walked up.

"Well I wanna do it again." Marshall grinned up at the prince, and paid for a few throws.

"This was a marvelous idea." Simone said, as Fionna stood next to the queen, who was watching as Marshall threw a ball, and the prince fell into the frigid water. The vampire laughed loudly at the shivering prince, as he climbed out. "I love drying him off."

"Haha, Simone, this was just asking for Marshall to be your best customer." Fionna said to the woman, who just smiled happily.

"Well, I just thought it would be fun to have a booth with my future husband." Simone said happily, sighing as she put her hands on her cheeks. Fionna looked at the woman's engagement ring, and then looked away. She then looked over at Marshall who dunked the prince once again, and Fionna giggled a bit.

"... Well, has Marshall mentioned anything...?" Simone asked Fionna, looking at the blonde girl.

"About what...?" Fionna asked, looking up at Simone.

"About getting married, silly." The woman pulled at Fionna's cheeks. "He's probably dying to ask you..!"

"Simone, I'm not in a hurry to get married." Fionna said, rubbing her cheeks after the woman let go. "... I know Marshall and I are  going to be together forever... I don't need a proposal or a ring to prove it..."

"But you must want to get married!" Simone said, and Fionna blushed.

"... Well yeah but... It's too soon for that stuff." Fionna said, rubbing her head.

"Fiona, you're a girl. It's natural to want him to ask you." Simone told Fionna, who sighed a bit, and looked away nervously.

"Yeah I suppose I do..." Fionna said, and she looked down at the two plushies she held in her hands. She squeezed them together, and looked up at Simone. "But still, it's so soon."

"... So when are you going to ask her..?" Gumball asked as he got back up on the ice platform, shivering. Marshall looked up at the prince, about to throw another ball, and he sighed heavily.

"... Soon.... very soon." Marshall said, as he looked at the ice ball in his hand. "... I found the ring..."

"Good, because you're slower than a snail at this." Gumball said, smirking at Marshall. The vampire made a face, and he threw the ice ball at the target, and the prince fell into the cold water below once more. "Augh... Okay that's enough!"

"Fine." Marshall said, as he flew up, and helped the prince out of the dunk tank. "Hey, how about we go get some food?" He called out to the girls.

"Yeah! I'm hungry!" Fionna said happily as she jumped up and down. Simone nodded her head, and Marshall set Gumball down on the ground.

"Augh, let me change." Gumball said, as Simone handed him a towel, and he went into the changing tent behind the booth.

"Hmm, What should we eat...?" Fionna asked, as the group walked down the street of food vendors and they looked around.

"How about some corn dogs...?" gumball asked, pointing.

"No no, we need sweets!" Fionna said, pointing at a cotton candy vendor.

"How about actual food? like burgers!" Simone said, pointing at another booth.

Marshall stood there, as the three all ran off in separate directions, and he laughed. He looked over at Fionna, who was getting her cotton candy, and he smiled, as his hand trickled into his pocket, and he touched the ring inside. his fingers wrapped around it, as he stood there, thinking about how he would propose... and when....

"Marshmallow..." Fionna's voice called to him, and he looked up, and smiled at her as she held up a candy apple for him. "I got you this, you're probably thirsty."

"I am, thanks." Marshall said as he took the candy apple, and drained the color from it. "Hmm, why don't you get some real food.... not just spun sugar?"

"Hmm, probably a good idea." Fionna said, as she put some of the cotton candy in her mouth. "Maybe after I finish this."

Marshall chuckled, and ruffled her hat on her head, before the others came back with their food.

"I got a few burgers," Simone said, holding them up, and Fionna smiled brightly. "for when you're done with your candy."

"Thanks Simone!" Fionna said happily, and the group went to go find a place to sit.

"Hmm, this years festival went extremely well." Gumball said, as they all sat on the edge of the fountain. "The concerts are of course, a huge success once more."

"Of course, It is my band after all." Marshall said, as he leaned back on the fountain, and looked at Gumball. "Featuring you guys."

"Haha, The Fright Kings." Fionna smiled, and she high fived Marshall. "But uh, half of our band is girls, more if we include Cake."

"Hmm, doesn't matter." Marshall said, waving a hand and Simone looked up at the sky, and Marshall glanced at her. "What's up...?"

"... Just thinking... about how nice it is, to have friends." Simone said, and the group looked at her curiously. "... It's been so long... and last year I was so lonely as well..." Simone looked down at her food, and smiled warmly. "This... Is the warmest I've been in the last thousand years...."

"Well... we're always here for you now, Simone." Fionna said, leaning forwards to look at the woman. "I mean... you had a crazy streak there, but.... it's all good now!"

"Hmm, thank you Fionna." Simone said happily, and tears of happiness swelled into her eyes. "I'm so glad I made you my Maid of Honor... you're my best friend."

"Hmm." Fionna blushed a bit, and she nudged Simone's shoulder with her fist. "I'll make you mine one day too."

"I'd like that!" Simone said happily, and the girls laughed together.

"... Speaking of stuff like that." Gumball looked at Marshall who glared darkly, a look that said not to mention proposing. "... Marshall Lee, will you be my Best man...?"

"... Dude that sounds so stupid." Marshall said, making a sour face, and Gumball frowned. The Vampire looked away, and scratched the back of his head. "Yeah sure, why not...?"

"Ha, thanks." Gumball said, before he put a hand on Marshall's shoulder. "You are my best friend, Marshall."

"Hmm, I dunno, I have a lot of friends." Marshall said, looking at Gumball, who smirked, before pushing the Vampire into the pond behind him.

"UCK! WHAT THE LUMP?!| Marshall shouted as he sat up in the water. The other three all looked at him, and laughed loudly as the wet Vampire stood up out of the water. "I'm going to strangle you, Gumbutt!" The Vampire chased the prince up the street of Vendors.

"Hmm, Well, we should get back to our booth." Simone said, as her and Fionna stood up, and watched the boys run around. "Before Marshall kills Bubba."

"Probably a good idea." Fionna said, and looked at Simone. "We'll see you guys later at the concert!"

"Of course!" Simone said happily, and she left Fionna, to go rescue Gumball from the clutches of the Vampire King.

After the sun set, the forever couple was at the tree house, the both of them getting ready for their last concert.

"Come on Fi, let's hurry!" Marshall shouted up the ladder, as he pulled his bass on his shoulder. He was wearing his usual punk rock outfit.

"Coming!" Fionna shouted, as she jumped down the ladder, and Marshall caught her. She laughed happily, as Marshall let her stand on her own two feet, and He looked her over. Fionna was wearing a strapless dark blue dress. The hems looks frayed and ripped, and she wore black stockings, and what looked like red Cowboy boots. He chuckled, before he looked her in the eyes. Her hair was styled into two curly pig tails, and she had her bunny ears in.

"You look adorable." Marshall said, as he took her hands in his. "The perfect Eternal Bunny girl."

"Haha, thanks. That's what I was going for!" Fionna said excitedly. Marshall kissed her lips softly, before they left the tree house to head back to the kingdom. "I'm so excited! This is going to be the best one yet!"

"Yep." Marshall grinned at her, before he picked her up in his arms, and soared off to the candy kingdom with her.

The two of them landed back stage, as the fireworks went off over their heads, and they were greeted by a Punk rock Gumball, and a punk rock Simone.

"... You two..." Marshall said, laughing a bit at the pink 'punk' clothing that Simone made Gumball wear.

"Shut up," Gumball said, as he adjusted his keyboard under his arm. "Simone made it with Cake's help."

"I think he looks fantastic!" Simone said excitedly, as she fussed with her messy pony tail. She wore round spectacles, with blue lenses, and a tight ripped tank top. She had on a tight jean skirt, and ripped stockings, with tall black boots.

"So do you!" Fionna said excitedly, and Simone smiled, before she held up her drum sticks.

"This is going to be great!" Simone said, and the girls ran up on the stage.

"... Gumball." Marshall looked at the prince, and handed him some sheet music. "... Play this for the last song."

"... What's this...? There's no lyrics." Gumball said, looking the music over.

"Just a song I wrote, I know the lyrics." Marshall said, and smiled at the pink prince. "Tonight is important, so don't screw it up."

"Huh..." Gumball followed the Vampire up onto the stage, and the crowd cheered. Everyone was there, even their friends the Flame Prince and Ignacia.

"HEY CANDY KINGDOM! WELCOME TO THE LAST CONCERT OF THE FESTIVAL!" Fionna shouted at the crowd excitedly, and Marshall tuned his bass quickly. "I hope you all enjoyed the fire works! but now it's time for the music!"

Marshall struck a deep cord, and the crowd looked at him.

"WE ARE MARSHALL LEE, AND THE FRIGHT KINGS!" He shouted, and laughed evily, as the others watched him, smiling. "Please enjoy the music..."

It's a dark dark night,
a night to spill some blood!
it's gunna be a sight,
when I suck out your soul!

Hiding in the tree's,
it's not going away!
shaking at the knee's,
your shield won't keep me at bay!

I'm gunna get you, get you!
I'm gunna kill you, kill you!
I'm gunna drain you, drain you!
I will kill you tonight!

Marshall thrashed his guitar, while Simone bashed her drums loudly, and Gumball backed them up with his keyboard.

Angry demon boy,
your fright wont work here!
Angry demon guy,
I will make you disappear!

Here comes the sun,
your fun wont last!
Here comes the day!
I will kill you fast!

I'm gunna kill you, kill you!
I'm gunna slay you, slay you!
I'm gunna bash you, bash you!
I will get rid of you tonight!

The group on the stage were having a blast with their hard rock songs they all came up with together, and the crowd was also enjoying them. They thrashed around to the music the group sang and played through the whole night. As it go later, the night was soon coming to an end... it was well after midnight, and Marshall strummed his signature ending cord, and the crowd cheered out for the Fright Kings.

"I have one more son to sing." Marshall said, and he nodded to Gumball. "Fionna, if you could just stand there and listen, this one is for you..."

"Uh... Alright..." Fionna said, blushing a bit, as she put the microphone in the stand. The crowd all looked at Marshall expectantly, as Gumball started the song with his keyboard.

It's a beautiful night,
We're looking for something good to do.
Hey bunny,
I think I wanna marry you.

Is it the look in your eyes,
Or is it this dancing tune?
Who cares bunny,
I think I wanna marry you!

Fionna's cheeks turned a bright red, as she watched her boyfriend play the song, and Simone joined in with her drums, picking up the beat. The other two couldn't believe what was happening on the stage.

Well I know this little chapel in the kingdom we can go oh oh oh,
No one will know oh oh oh,
Oh, come on, girl.
Who cares if we're young, got an adventure full of fun
we can do-o-o-o-o,
just me and you-o-o-o-o,
And it's on, girl.

Don't say no, no, no, no-no;
Just say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah;
And we'll go, go, go, go-go.
If you're ready, like I'm ready.

Marshall looked at her, and continued to play his guitar, as he walked closer to her. He couldn't believe he was doing something so cheesy, but he knew he had to get it out.

Cause it's a beautiful night,
We're looking for something good to do.
Hey bunny,
I think I wanna marry you.

Is it the look in your eyes,
Or is it this dancing tune?
Who cares bunny,
I think I wanna marry you.

I'll go get a ring let the choir bells sing like oooh,
So what you wanna do?
Let's just gooo girl.

If we wake up and you wanna beat up, a Ghoooooul.
No, I won't blame you;
It's way fun, girl.

Don't say no, no, no, no-no;
Just say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah;
And we'll go, go, go, go-go.
If you're ready, like I'm ready.

Cause it's a beautiful night,
We're looking for something good to do.
Hey bunny,
I think I wanna marry you.

Is it the look in your eyes,
Or is it this dancing tune?
Who cares bunny,
I think I wanna marry you.

Just say I doooooo-ooo uhu,
Tell me right now bunny,
Tell me right now bunny, bunny.

Just say I doooooo-ooo uhu,
Tell me right now bunny,
Tell me right now bunny, bunny.

Marshall swung his bass around to his back, and dug his hand in his pocket quickly, before he pulled out the wing he found, and he held it out to Fionna, who was red like a tomato, and her hands were on her face. He smiled as he knelt down in front of her, and looked up at her.

Oh, it's a beautiful night,
We're looking for something good to do.
Hey bunny,
I think I wanna marry you.

Is it the look in your eyes,
Or is it this dancing tune?
Who cares Fionna,
I think I wanna marry you.

The crowd was dead silent, and they were all looking at Fionna. Gumball and Simone were both watching intently as well, as the bunny girl stood there, a bright red, her hand on the microphone stand to keep her steady, and from fainting.

Marshall Lee, the Vampire King, had just proposed to her, with a song... on a stage... in front of the whole Kingdom... He even had a ring, and was looking up at her from one knee....

"...." She mouthed something softly, but not even Marshall could hear it. He smiled up at her.

"Speak up Fionna, I can't hear you..." He told her, and She began to get nervous and she pulled the microphone to her lips, and put on her bravest front.

"YES, MARSHALL LEE! I WILL MARRY YOU!" She shouted into the microphone, and the vampire just laughed, as he took her hand, and put the ring on it. She looked at it nervously, but her stomach felt like it was full of butterflies, and her head was spinning. "Marshall...."

"I love you," Marshall said, standing up, and sweeping her off her feet, to kiss her deeply in front of the now cheering crowd.

"YEAH FIONNA!" Simone shouted happily, as she threw her sticks in the air, and leaped over her drum kit. Gumball moved from behind his keyboard, smiling as well.

"MY BABY GIRL!" Cake shouted, as she stretched onto the stage. She looked conflicted. She was crying in happiness, at the romantic thing she just witnessed, but she was also angry that her baby Fionna said yes to the Vampire. "I... I JUST.... CONGRATS GIRL!"

Fionna laughed happily, as she hugged all her friends, then kissed Marshall happily. She looked down at the ring on her finger, and blushed a deep red again.

They were engaged.




The last song was Marry You, by Bruno Mars.
all I did was change some lyrics here and there.

I do NOT own the song what so ever.

I know it's short, but I really wanted to write out the proposal.

I hope ya'll enjoyed.
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